Tuesday, November 29, 2005

it's a miracle


I've caught the bug. I've really started to getting serious about carpentry. My father planted the seed long ago, and I've always loved to build, but I'm really starting to learn. From failures and mistakes. By doing things the hard way, then discovering there's an easier way. Or a better tool. I've added a couple pics of my two latest projects. The stool is a gift. The easel for me. More projects, and in turn more art, to come.


So Mary is weeping blood. Again. Or so they say at a church (building) in Sacramento, CA. The truth is I'm a self labeled skeptic, but this time I'm not really sure if it matters to me whether or not it's true. You can decide that for yourself. The part of the story that truly makes me sad is the fact that, and I quote (which you can tell by the quotation marks), "They say most of [the blood] was smudged off by souvenir hunters..." Watch out for it on eBay. If this time it truly is a miracle, do you think that God is somewhere saying to Moses & the woman at the well & Ray Charles, "See, I told you guys. It happens every time. Every time I send a miracle to the world someone has to make a profit off of my work. Look what happened to duct tape, and Marilyn Monroe. Here we go again..." Just two of God's many miracles.



Blogger Randi said...

thats great....

I showed Matt the stool/chair and he really likes it! He is going to take it into consideration for a present for his neice, so i hope you don't mind if he rips off your idea... hehe

11/30/2005 5:52 PM  

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